Temu – Confederation member: This is a major tribe with land holdings that extend from the Rysamand foothills to fertile farm lands. Its large domain size and high population, many of which are skilled urban craftsmen, promotes the economic power of the tribe. Temu warriors are professional but temperamental by reputation. Temu military power is respected by its neighbors.

Tacus – Confederation member: Although this tribe lacks the size and influence of the Temu, it has traditionally positioned itself as a key ally. Overall the tribe is of modest means being neither rich nor poor. Its economy is primarily agricultural with minimal urban development.

Hirqua – Confederation member: A small but respected tribe, the Hirqua Tribe is known for maintaining its society with strong family and clan loyalties. Hirqua warriors are known for cunning, skill, and for possessing a greater sense of opportunism than the military men of their larger neighbors. Hirqua lands are mostly located within the heavily wooded Rysamand foothills and the tribal economy is based on the commodities of the forest: wood, fur and leather. Hirqua artisans flourish however, and wood carvings, fur and leatherwork are highly sought after from this tribe. Some metal mining also contributes to Hirqua wealth.

Nuram – Confederation member: A small tribe located within the fertile farm lands beyond the foothills, its economy is agriculturally based. Two urban centers have developed within the Nuram Domain however. Fetter Hem is known as a center of philosophy, writing and education, and Dee Hem is an arts center noted for theater and sculpture. Although a small tribe with little influence, the Nuram have an ancient warrior tradition.

Zenglawa – Confederation member: A tribe equal in land holdings, population, and urbanism to the Temu, the Zenglawa enjoy a strong agricultural economy due to its plentiful farmland. Trade and crafts thrive in the cities. Militarily, the Zenglawa are strong and generally rival the Temu although outright war is often prevented by the diplomatic structure of the Confederation.

Sabuto: A large tribe bordering the Temu Domain on its south, the Sabuto Tribe is the historical rival of the Temu Tribe. The Sabuto have warred continually with the Temu through the centuries. Such longstanding conflict has bred an attitude of permanent desire for vengeance between the tribes, and truces and treaties have never held. The Sabuto wield a powerful economy made rich by its fertile river bottom farmlands and its mining in the Rysamand foothills, where gold, silver, sterner metals, and jewels are taken from the rocky roots of the mountains. The Sabuto dominate the lesser tribes to the south and west of its domain. The threat of expansion of Sabuto influence is the motivation for the confederation of tribes in the north.