Union of Renegades audiobook

19 hour epic fantasy audiobook

The holiday season is upon many of us and that means spending money on gifts, parties, and/or travel. So here’s your chance to win some free entertainment on Cyber Monday. Enter my giveaway drawing for one copy of the complete Union of Renegades fantasy audiobook.

Entering the drawing for the audiobook version of Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I is easy.

Simply leave a comment on this blog post and you will be entered.

I MANUALLY APPROVE COMMENTS SO DON’T PANIC WHEN YOUR ENTRY DOES NOT SHOW UP INSTANTLY. This is the only way I can avoid ridiculous spam for car loans and pharmaceuticals.

Giveaway drawing rules:

Drawing opens on Monday November 21st.

Drawing closes at midnight Eastern U.S. time on Monday November 28th, Cyber Monday.

One entry per person.

I will randomly select a winner from the commenters on Tuesday and notify the winner.

Giveaway is worldwide without geographic restrictions. If you have an email address and the ability to download and save mp3 files you can enter.

The prize:

The winner will receive the Union of Renegades fantasy audiobook in mp3 format. This audiobook is 40 chapters and provides approximately 19 hours of listening enjoyment.

The prize will by delivered via an email that will direct the winner to my download service where the winner can access and save the audiobook.

Because Union of Renegades is presented at this blog as a complete web novel, you can start reading it right now to find out if you are interested in the story. The novel’s naviagition menu is in the left column. It is also a free ebook if you want to download it for offline reading. You can also sample the first 3 chapters of the audiobook from the fantasy audiobook page.

So, please leave a comment and maybe you’ll get lucky and win this juicy giveaway.

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