Thank you for your interest in my fantasy fiction. I hope you’re enjoying the novel I am sharing through this website. My life would be really boring without my strange obsession with composing epic fantasy adventures. I am a mother who does mind-numbing things like wash dishes, laundry, scrub toilets, and change the cat box. My rich imagination keeps me from contemplating all this too much.

My love of the fantasy genre began like most people when I was an adolescent and started reading books like The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, the many Conan stories by Robert E. Howard or inspired by him, and the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I like reading all kinds of different books too, with special hankerings for westerns and nonfiction by investigative journalists.

Union of Renegades, that I am presenting here in web novel format, along with the three subsequent novels of The Rys Chronicles represent six years of hard work. 

I write nearly every day, and before publishing, I spend more time on editing and re-writing than on the first draft. Those tasks are actually the most fun to do because I get to enjoy the characters and story and make them the best I can possibly make them. A growing number of people around the world have enjoyed my novels, and I hope my future works are even more satisfying. I am currently working on another four-part epic fantasy.

The quickest way to contact me is to visit this page. The form there helps me keep the spam robots from taking over my universe.