Union of Renegades audiobook

The fantasy novel Union of Renegades presented here as a complete web novel is also a professionally produced audiobook providing all 40 chapters for a 19-hour audio epic.

As an independent writer and businessperson this audio production required a substantial investment on my part because I had to hire voice talent. This was a good choice because the reader Chris Snelgrove did an excellent job, and my little woman’s voice would not have suited the material.

An audiobook of a novel by an indie author is a rare thing. Due to necessary productions costs, audiobooks tend to be only best sellers from the large corporations. But my stubborn pursuit of expanding my audience through new mediums has resulted in an indie fantasy audiobook.

The Union of Renegades fantasy audiobook will provide you with:

– Approximately 19 hours of listening

– 40 chapters of epic fantasy

– An excerpt from The Goddess Queen: The Rys Chronicles Book II

– The inspired reading of Chris Snelgrove of Darkfireproductions.com.

Listen to the free sample and purchase from Brave Luck Books or Audible or iTunes.