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Today Union of Renegades is featured at Bargain Books for Your Nook, a blog dedicated to ebooks for $4.99 or less that are available forĀ instant download on the Barnes & Noble Nook.

The best part is that this novel is a free ebook.

Listing at Bargain Books for Your Nook

Freebie Friday: Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I by Tracy Falbe.

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Union of Renegades free fantasy for Nook


Read the complete novel – ebook or paperback

Download Union of Renegades free in multiple ebook formats at Brave Luck Books and find out what happens next. And join the readers' list and enter the current giveaway drawing.

Paperbacks are still available. Your best price is at Brave Luck Books or shop at Amazon if you like.

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